The DCA Greenhouse

Situated on eight acres, the DCA Meadowlands estate is home to a Lord and Burnham Greenhouse. At the time of the property purchase in 1950, plant material for the grounds and for the formal garden was grown in the greenhouse by a full-time gardening staff. Today, the Greenhouse Group is proud to be able to keep this historic working greenhouse in operation. Throughout the year, the group propagates plants from seed, cuttings, and plugs (small plants) for the DCA’s annual plant sale in May. 

Greenhouse Group

The DCA’s Greenhouse Group is an energetic group of gardeners who are passionate about plants. The group hosts the DCA’s annual plant sale in May, fall and spring gardening workshops (free to the public) and holiday workshops in December. Members meet on the first Tuesday of the month. There are four levels of membership and all Greenhouse Group members must be DCA members.


To inquire about membership, please contact Mary Bloomer first, so she can explain the levels of membership and time commitment involved. Then please activate your DCA Membership below and follow instructions to pay Greenhouse Group dues.