Our Values

We value community

Every day, we create a space for our community to connect through shared experiences that strengthen Darien as a whole. We are committed to providing the space and opportunities to foster a sense of belonging and create a strong support network.


All are welcome to join our community through our groups, programs, and events.

We value learning

With lifelong curiosity, we learn from industry leaders, bestselling authors, inspiring activists and from each other. We teach members of our community and we support education through the tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships we award to Darien High School students every year.

All are welcome to learn with us through our speaker series and programs, including our Barrett Bookstore events.

We value sustainability

We believe we can do better to protect the needs of future generations. We do this through the DCA Bird Sanctuary and Nature Trail, our onsite beehives, our programs, and by hosting the Darien Green Team. For nearly 100 years, DCA Thrift Shop has supported sustainability and the environment by finding new homes for donated clothing and household items, and by using proceeds to provide scholarships to Darien High School students.

All are welcome to celebrate sustainability through our DCA Bird Sanctuary and Nature Trail and the DCA Thrift Shop.


We value green spaces

From our many volunteers to our cherished guests, thousands of people enjoy our beautiful green spaces each year. Though the sprawling front lawn is the first thing you see, and the site of many happy weddings, the DCA has nearly eight acres of green space. Every season is beautiful.
All are welcome to explore and experience the DCA’s green spaces.