A longstanding component of the DCA mission is providing college scholarships to Darien High School (DHS) graduates.

Celebrating our 80th year of granting scholarships, the DCA awards at least $50,000 each year. Since its inception, the DCA scholarship program has provided over $2 million in funding to more than 1400 DHS graduates. The DCA is the largest provider of scholarships to DHS graduates — with funding for both new and returning college students — and the only DHS scholarship program offering recipients the opportunity to reapply for all four years of college.


Scholarships are based on both merit and need, and are funded by a wide range of DCA programs – from our Thrift Shop to our Academic Lecture Series to house rentals — and with the support of donations including those of our named scholarship sponsors. Congratulations to all our recipients!

Congratulations to Our 2021 Darien High School Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to the Darien High School (DHS) Class of 2021 and those who are DCA scholarship awardees. The DCA is proud of the accomplishments of DHS graduates, and pleased to help contribute toward their college education. Scholarships are funded by a wide range of DCA programs – from our DCA Thrift Shop to Academic Lecture Series to house rentals – and with the support of donations including those of our scholarship sponsors listed below.

DHS Class of 2021 Scholarship Winners

Darien Sport Shop “Mr Z” Scholarship Sofia Bender IE University, Madrid Spain
DR Bank Scholarship Isabella Delazerda CA College of the Arts
Emmons Family Scholarship Charlotte Van Ingen Virginia Tech
Jeff Schlachtenhaufen Scholarship Valeria Henao UCONN
Nielsen’s Florist Scholarship Valeria Henao UCONN
Palmer’s Market Scholarship Isabella Delazerda CA College of the Arts
Patricia Buchanan Scholarship Madeleine Conte Merrimack College
PJ, Caroline and Phoebe Maglathlin Scholarship Maximus Racanelli US Air Force Academy
P. van den Broek Scholarship Grace Martini Sacred Heart University
P. van den Broek Scholarship Lucy Collins Coventry University, UK
Ring’s End Scholarship Laura Monsalve Fordham University
Rodriguez Family Scholarship Charlotte de Weaver Roanoke College
Teddy Gray/Steuert Family Scholarship Kinga Srednicka Elon University
The Heights at Darien Scholarship Isabella Wilkinson St. Lawrence University
US Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business Scholarship Laura Monsalve Fordham University

Current College Students Receiving Continued Scholarship Funding

Anne C. Cary Scholarship Heather Grant Loyola University Maryland
Anne C. Cary Scholarship Michaela Loura Western New England University
Anne C. Cary Scholarship Julia O’Brien University of Wisconsin – Madison
Anne C. Cary Scholarship Samantha Wagner University of Vermont
Brendan Shay Scholarship Ben de Weaver Sacred Heart University
DCA Path to the Future Scholarship Emma Greco University of South Florida
DCA Path to the Future Scholarship John Paul Harron Roger Williams University
DCA Path to the Future Scholarship Nick Giotis Georgetown University
DCA Path to the Future Scholarship Kareem Kassem Northeastern University
DCA Path to the Future Scholarship Jacob Won Savannah College of Art & Design
Dr. James V. Joy III Scholarship Emily Findlan UCONN
Elizabeth and Peter Moley Scholarship Ken Zheng Rhode Island School of Design
Marie Gallagher Scholarship E’Sachi Smalls Boston College
Murphy Family Scholarship Kaitlin Manghirmalani Bryant University
Murphy Family Scholarship Colleen Cassidy Boston College
Nielsen’s Florist Scholarship Brielle Racanelli University of Miami
P. van den Broek Scholarship Justin Jordan Sacred Heart University
P. van den Broek Scholarship Lilah Grant Loyola University Maryland
P. van den Broek Scholarship Tyler O’Brien University of North Carolina  – Wilmington
Performance Optimal Health Scholarship Victoria Klarer University of Rochester
Ring’s End Scholarship Jack Gordon Gettysburg College
Rodriguez Family Scholarship Olivia Srednicka Loyola University Maryland
Rodriguez Family Scholarship Christopher Conte Sacred Heart University
Scott and Jane Pelley Scholarship Amanda Loura Drexel University
US Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business Scholarship Kenneth Klarer UCONN
Vogel Family Scholarship Eilanna Dolan Gettysburg College

Click here for the full list of our 2021 DCA Scholarship winners.


Samantha Wagner

DHS Class of 2021 Award

Anne C. Cary Scholarship

University of Vermont


Tyler O’Brien

DHS Class of 2021 Award

University of North Carolina

P. van den Broek Scholarship


Hassana Arbubakrr

DHS Class of 2020 Award

Palmer’s Market Scholarship

Howard University

H. Grant

Heather Grant

DHS Class of 2021 Award

Anne C. Cary Scholarship

Loyola University Maryland

The Darien Times article “DCA Scholarships Assist with Rising Tuition Costs” provides additional detail on DCA scholarships, and the significant need in our community. To hear what some of our recipients have to say about the impact of a DCA scholarship, please see our Testimonials page.

The scholarship program, including interviews and selection of recipients, is managed by the dedicated volunteers on our Scholarship Committee: Kate Larson (Co-chairman), Susan Vogel (Co-chairman), Kristen Harnisch, Ulla Kremer, Judi Linskey, Elizabeth Moley and Pat van den Broek.

For more information, please contact

Click here to see our DCA Scholarship brochure.

DCA Recognizes Named Scholarship Sponsors

‘Scholarship Stories’ event celebrates 77 years of DCA scholarships

The DCA recently hosted an evening reception thanking the local businesses, families and foundations who sponsor named college scholarships through the DCA.

Our college scholarship program for Darien High School (DHS) graduates is a longstanding philanthropic tradition, now in its 77th year. The DCA is the largest provider of scholarships at DHS. This past spring, the DCA awarded over $60,000 in scholarship grants.

The highlight of the evening was remarks from three past DCA scholarship recipients, representing a range of ages and backgrounds. These speakers included Althea Perley (DHS Class of 2011), Tricia Rogers Prokop (DHS Class of 2001) and Susan Harrington Hamill (DHS Class of 1976). Rogers, who now has her doctorate and teaches at the University of Hartford in their doctoral physical therapy program, said “As a college student, I was grateful for the DCA scholarship. As a professor who is working with graduate students who are academically successful but may be struggling with the costs, I have an even greater appreciation for the support I received.”

Several special guests were recognized during the evening as well, including DHS Principal Ellen Dunn.

Click here to read the full press release about our event.

Slide 1

“I sincerely appreciate your support and recognition of my past accomplishments as well as my future goals. I am forever grateful for your generosity and will be in contact in the months to come. Thank you again.”

Slide 2

“My heart was missing a part since I lost my mom. I never thought that I was going to get that love and care back…Darien has picked me up. Darien has brought me back to life…You are part of my family. You are part of my life and I thank you so much for everything you are doing for me. I know that one day I will make you all proud of me…”

Slide 3

“My kids are sooooo happy at their colleges! Happy kids = happy Mom! I can’t thank the DCA enough for your support for our family. Not only have the scholarships helped out monetarily, but even more so, the kids are proud to have received them.”

Slide 4

“Thank you so much for seeing something in me worthy of this most gracious gift…I could not be any more grateful that you’ve made my college dreams that much more of a reality. Again, thank you so much and I hope you’ll continue to bless young adults the way you’ve blessed me.”

Slide 5

“My greatest loves are writing, reading and discussion, and you have helped make it possible to pursue these passions…I hope one day my education will allow me to support other students, as you have me.”

Slide 6

“Thank you so much for your generosity. It means so much to my family and me that I can continue my education, and the scholarship is truly an honor to receive.”

Slide 7

“With your generous grant, not only am I one step closer to achieving my college degree, but also to obtaining valuable skills that will last a lifetime.”

Slide 8

“It’s nothing short of a dream come true that with this scholarship (as well as the others I’ve received), going to Middlebury is now a reality.”

Slide 9

“It means a lot to me that I’ve gotten so much help on the first steps of my journey.”

Slide 10

“I am truly thankful and appreciative of how this scholarship will help my family and me. I will work hard at college to do my best to represent the meaning of this scholarship.”

Slide 11

“Thank you for assisting my son with his college tuition. We are very proud to represent Darien!”

Slide 12

“I promise to continue the success which I’ve garnered at DHS. I won’t let you down!”

Slide 13

“Thank you so much for the opportunities you have given my family and me. We appreciate the scholarship and everything the DCA does for the community.”

Slide 14

“I can’t wait to go to school next year and work hard for you guys. My family and I are very grateful.”