Global Issues Speaker Series

Every January since 1956, the DCA Global Issues Speaker Series, formerly known as the Academic Lecture Series, has brought topical issues in focus, offering attendees first-hand knowledge of pressing global issues.

In past years topics have been wide ranging and speakers have included government officials, journalists, scholars, and representatives from many research institutions. Past attendees have had the opportunity to hear, in person, the opinions of many experts including: Bonnie Glaser, Fiona Hill, Susan Thornton, Elizabeth Economy, Robin Wright, Evan Osnos, Richard Haass, Steve Coll and Ian Bremer, just to mention a few. 

Each year, the Series features four morning lectures and one evening lecture that focus on a current geo-political “hot spot”. The series features live lectures at the DCA.  Participants may attend in person at the DCA or virtually.  All lectures are followed by a Q&A session with the expert.

Click here for the complete list of Speaker Series topics from 1956 to 2023.

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Global Issues Speaker Series Committee

Speakers Committee Co-Chairs

Mary Genco, Kate Larson

Committee members

Brooke Beck, Susan Bhirud, Erin Conway, Ann Mandel, Clare Myers, Heather Raker, Zeynep Saah, Judy Slotkin, and Robin Woods