Academic Lecture Series topics from 1956 to 2021

1956: Ideologies of Europe: European Trade
1957: The Middle East
1958: China, Japan and Their Relationship with Other Countries
1959: Soviet Ideology and Russian Life Today
1960: Africa, South of the Sahara
1961: The Challenge of Latin America
1962: Trouble Spots in the Far East
1963: The Challenge of Communism in 1963
1964: Aid as an Instrument of Foreign Policy
1965: Nation Building
1966: The Chinese Puzzle
1967: Behind the Mask of Asia
1968: The Middle East: The Cauldron of Crisis
1969: Perspectives of the City
1970: Japan in World Affairs
1971: Our Earth: A Living Island in Space
1972: USA: Our Changing Society
1973: The Challenge of Change II
1974: The Shifting Bases of Power
1975: Are We Good Neighbors?
1976: The New Nationalism
1977: Blueprints for Tomorrow
1978: Liberty and Law: Who’s In Charge Here?
1979: Changing Faces of Communism
1980: Dollars and Sense: The International Monetary Picture
1981: Diplomacy in Crisis
1982: One World? The Relationship of the U.S. and Its Allies
1983: America’s Vital Interests
1984: World’s Fragile Economy
1985: On the Brink of Peace…or War?
1986: How Fares Democracy? Individual Liberty in Mass Society
1987: Communism’s New Clothes: Intimations for the 21st Century
1988: Forging the Future: Choice and Challenge
1989: God’s On Our Side: Religion, Power and Politics
1990: Where Are the Movers and Shakers: Outlooks on Leadership
1991: Winds of Change: Emerging Democracies Around the World
1992: What Is the New World Order? Personal Perspectives
1993: The U.S. and the World: New Realities and New Responsibilities
1994: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict: Swords Into Plowshares?
1995: The Pacific Century: West Meets East
1996: Election 1996: Perspectives on Foreign Policy
1997: China: Crossroads
1998: War and Peace: Russia and Her Neighbors
1999: Islam: From Muhammad to the Millennium
2000: Southern Exposure: New Views of South America
2001: India: A World Within a World
2002: Turkey, Between Two Worlds
2003: Viva Mexico – Our Neighbor
2004: The New Europe: What’s Ahead for the EU?
2005: Understanding Iran
2006: The UN Challenge
2007: Rising China
2008: Russia 2008
2009: Brazil, Ordem e Progresso
2010: Border Heat – Pakistan, India, Afghanistan
2011: Pieces of the Puzzle, The Arabian Peninsula
2012: After The Arab Spring… What Next?
2013: Making the World Go Round – Global Economics
2014: China Changes the Guard
2015: Russian Roulette
2016: Cuba Ahora
2017: Europe — Challenge and Change
2018: Inside the Asian Cauldron
2019: Turkey at a Crossroads
2020: Global Issues Revisited: Old Friends Share New Insights
2021: The Arctic – From Deep Freeze to Hot Spot