Next Cooking Class: Roast & Bake in Clay and Earthenware

Certified Home Chef Paula Nusslein leads Cooking Essentials - Roast & Bake in Clay and Earthenware at the DCA on Tuesday, November 19th.Certified Home Chef Paula Nusslein is back with her next Cooking Essentials class designed to help you cook without the cookbook. This time you’ll learn a delicious cooking technique for roasting meats and vegetables in clay and earthenware, for beautiful for oven-to-table serving. (Yes, cooking methods & recipes can be used with other types of cookware too.) Sprinkled in the mix will be some holiday recipes, perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

Join her on Tuesday, November 19th from 9:30 – 11:30am in the DCA commercial kitchen. Click for full details.