Mah Jongg Classes

“Great classes taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. I’ve taken and enjoyed them all. Now I’m hooked!!”
—Jean R., student

American Mah Jongg is an exciting four-player tile game with Chinese origins. Using 152 tiles depicting Chinese characters and symbols, players pick and discard in turn to form combinations found on the National Mah Jongg League’s annual card of hands. Strategy, skill and luck are needed to be the first player to complete a hand and declare “Mah Jongg!” The DCA provides tile sets for all classes.

Mah Jongg classes will be listed here as they become available.

“Donna does a terrific job introducing Mah Jongg. Her enthusiasm is infectious! I am very grateful to the DCA for providing these classes.”
—Shelley S., student

A Morning of Mah Jongg to Benefit the Mission of the DCA

Thank you to all the players that came out to support our “Morning of Mah Jongg to Benefit the Mission of the DCA” event. It was a fun, relaxed morning of tournament-style play – and there were prizes!

First Place Winner: Juliana “Topsy” Post (she also won for a joker-less hand) received a complimentary DCA 2019-2020 membership.


Second Place Winner: Carol Charling received a two hour Mah Jongg master class with Donna.

“Donna is a gifted teacher. She teaches the basics of Mah Jongg in a well-structured manner. She also builds on a player's game through Guided Play sessions, new card classes, and tournament play. With Donna, players are always improving.”
—Juliana P., student

Instructor for Mah Jongg classes:

Longtime local resident Donna Holt was introduced to Chinese Mah Jongg while living in Singapore. Now an avid American Mah Jongg player, Donna guides players through a fascinating world of winds, dragons, dots and craks, offering strategies and encouragement to improve your game.

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