Look What Has Been Happening at the DCA!

Check out pictures below from our Art Lecture Series lectures, Women’s Luncheons fashion show (see if you recognize any of the models) and our Welcome Back Tea.

Our 2016 Art Lecture Series, “Between Modernity and Tradition: Impressionism,” has been well attended. If you have not had a chance to join us there are only two more Thursday morning lectures left.

Our first lecture was “The Impressionist Line” presented
by Jay A. Clarke, Manton Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs.

https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/art-lecture-series/  https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/art-lecture-series/

Our second lecture was “A Passion for Renoir: Sterling Clark and the Impressionists”
presented by Kathleen Morris, Interim Senior Curator, Marx Director of
Collections and Exhibitions, Curator of Decorative Arts.

A Passion for Renoir: Sterling Clark and the Impressionists  A Passion for Renoir: Sterling Clark and the Impressionists

Our Women’s Luncheons season opener was “A Fashion Show for the Generations” with the Darien Sport Shop and Andrew Stefanou Salon & Spa.

Behind the scenes — getting ready!

https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/  https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/  https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/
Do you recognize any of our models?

Left to right: Autumn Howard, Laura Boulton, Julia Kremer Massengill, Stephanie O’Grady, Jennifer Sommer, Judi Linskey, Cindy Ryan, Heather Pommernelle, Vicki Nolan and Ulla Kremer.


Thank you to Geri Corrigan (at podium) from The Darien Sport Shop for working with our models and dressing them so beautifully for the season.


Thank you to Dee Stefanou (black and white shirt) from Andrew Stefanou Salon & Spa for showing us a makeup demo.


Our September Welcome Back Tea was a nice way to catch up with friends after the summer!

https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/afternoon-teas/  https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/afternoon-teas/
https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/afternoon-teas/  https://dariendca.org/activities-programs/afternoon-teas/