Greenhouse Group

The DCA’s Greenhouse Group is an energetic group of women who are passionate about plants. Throughout the year, they propagate plants from seed, cuttings and plugs (small plants), all for the DCA’s annual plant sale in May of each year. The group also runs fall and spring gardening workshops (free to the public), and a holiday craft workshop in December.

Membership in the Greenhouse Group
Many of our members were novice gardeners when they joined, while others had been gardening for years. All enjoy the continual learning that is part of gardening — there’s always another plant, another seed, or another weather pattern that makes gardening a rewarding yet challenging activity. Members meet on the first Tuesday of the month. All Greenhouse Group members must be DCA members.

There are three levels of membership:
Full bench: open to returning members only. At this level, a member has a full bench in the Greenhouse, and watering duties once every other week. They must contribute a minimum of 50 plants to the plant sale. Fee: $120 for the 2022-2023 year.

Half bench: open to returning members only. At this level, a member has half a bench to themselves, and watering duties once every 4 weeks. Fee: $75 for the 2022-2023 year.

Associate: open to new and returning members. No bench space is guaranteed with this level, though it is common that other members will let you share their bench. There are also no watering duties. Fee: $50 for the 2022-2023 year.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Greenhouse Group member, please contact our membership chair Sheila Sherwood at

Membership levels

2022-2023 Year Level Price  

Full bench

$120.00 Select

Half bench

$75.00 Select


$50.00 Select

About the DCA Greenhouse
The Lord and Burnham Greenhouse was on the property when the Meadowlands estate was purchased by the DCA in 1950. At that time, plant material for the grounds and for the formal garden was grown in the greenhouse by a full time gardening staff. The Greenhouse Group is proud to be able to keep this historic working greenhouse in operation.

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