Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to the 2015 recipients of DCA scholarships!Congratulations Graduates!
Darien High School DCA Scholarship Winners

The DCA is the largest provider of scholarships to Darien High School graduates. Contributing $50,000 a year, we fund scholarships for not only new, but returning college students as well.

We’re delighted to announce the scholarship winners from the 2015 DHS graduating class:

Path to the Future Awards were given to 15 graduates: Christina Boccadoro, Laura Boccadoro, Jessica Campbell, Rebecca DeMaio, James Fox, Jack Garfield, Peter Grant, Abiha Jafri, Kyla Johns, Ashley Mailhot, Said Mammadov, James “Alex” Mitchell, Alex Molwitz, Viara Radoulova and Andrew Trautmann.

In addition, three students received named scholarship awards: Dominique Guilford for The Heights at Darien Scholarship; Corey Frate for the Brendan Shay Scholarship; and Christina Chariott for the Joy Family Scholarship.

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Pictured above L-R top row: Corey Frate, James “Alex” Mitchell, Jack Garfield, James Fox, Peter Grant. L-R bottom row: Dominique Guilford, Kyla Johns, Christina Chariott. Not pictured: Christina Boccadoro, Laura Boccadoro, Jessica Campbell, Rebecca DeMaio, Abiha Jafri, Said Mammadov, Ashley Mailhot, Alex Molwitz, Viara Radoulova, and Andrew Trautmann.