Women’s Luncheons

DCA Women’s Luncheons are monthly social gatherings, for both women and men, offering various types of presenters, from authors, to those with poignant human interest stories, to specialists on travel, theater, gardening, entertaining, and home décor. Luncheons are generally held on the first Tuesday of every month from October to May, and are catered by Michael Joseph’s Catering.



Krista Fox on “The Power of Your Home” – Featuring Interior Design and Outdoor Spaces (Think Party Sheds)!

What does your dining room say about you? How about your kitchen or the master bathroom? What would you like it to say? Interior designer Krista Fox believes every room in your house sends a message about who you are, and the collection of those rooms shapes the story of your life. In a lively and colorful presentation, Krista will walk you through her design process to show you how she builds beautiful environments for her clients that translate their likes into spaces that bring them joy every day. With gorgeous photography, she will share examples of how she has translated client’s feelings, thoughts, and physical desires into personal environments that make them feel good. You will leave the luncheon understanding that successful design is not about filling our homes with more things but it’s about finding a deeper vision for how we want to feel at home. It’s what Krista calls “the inside-out approach to mindful design.”  She will share insights on current trends in interior design, along with practical advice and tools on how to make changes in your own space that reflect your best life.

Men are welcome, too! Luncheon will be provided by Michael Joseph’s Catering.

Tuesday, October 2

DCA members $20 / public $35
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Dick Woods on “Long Island Sound: A User’s Guide”

Dick and Robin Woods have been exploring the waters and shores of Long Island Sound for over a half-century, both by boat and by car. As a native Californian, he was struck by Long Island Sound’s more user-friendly nature. What it lacks in spectacular vistas and awe-inspiring force it more than makes up for with its quiet beauty, accessibility and many treasures for the day-tripper or cruising sailor. It is his favorites among these which Dick will highlight: from inns and museums, to restaurants, views and harbors. Come join him for a unique trip through our own backyard.

Men are welcome, too! Luncheon will be provided by Michael Joseph’s Catering.

Tuesday, November 6

DCA members $20 / public $35
Prepayment is required by noon on Monday, November 5.
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