Mah Jongg Classes

American Mah Jongg is an exciting four-player tile game with Chinese origins. Using 152 tiles depicting Chinese characters and symbols, players pick and discard in turn to form combinations found on the National Mah Jongg League’s annual card of hands. Strategy, skill and luck are needed to be the first player to complete a hand and declare “Mah Jongg!” The DCA provides tile sets for all classes.


Summer Boot Camp: Learn to Play Mah Jongg in Four Days!

Don’t have time to devote to new activities during the busy months of September-June? Come learn the fun, addictive and stimulating game of American Mah Jongg in less than a week, in an encouraging, laid-back summer atmosphere. From Monday through Thursday morning, you will learn the basics of understanding the tiles and the Mah Jongg card, and how to select and strengthen a winning hand. Rules and strategies of play as well as game etiquette will be covered. You’ll be set before fall to play with your friends who are already Mah Jongg enthusiasts! Please order your 2018 card at or once class is confirmed.

Monday to Thursday: July 9-12
9:30am-12:00pm each day

DCA members $95 / public $105
Prepayment is required by Thursday, July 5.
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Summer Boot Camp: Guided Play (all levels) – Mah Jongg till You Drop!

Keep your mind and your Mah Jongg game fresh with four consecutive days of Guided Play. For regular players, what could be more fun than a heavy dose of Mah Jongg to see you through the summer when everyone is away? For newer players (who have completed a Beginner class), playing Mah Jongg four days in a row will cement the rules and strategies you’ve learned, and pull the whole game together for you. This class offers lots of playing time, with instructor Donna Holt on hand to help with all aspects of the game, from building your confidence when passing, to guiding the group through any rules or etiquette questions that arise.

Come meet others mad for Mah Jongg, and improve your game with a seasoned teacher in an encouraging atmosphere.

Monday to Thursday: July 16-19
9:30am-12:00pm each day

DCA members $70 / public $80
Prepayment is required by Thursday, July 12.
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Minimum enrollment applies for all classes. Maximum enrollment is 12 (except for Learn to Play, which is eight).

Instructor for Mah Jongg classes:

Longtime Darien resident Donna Holt was introduced to Chinese Mah Jongg while living in Singapore. Now an avid American Mah Jongg player, Donna guides players through a fascinating world of winds, dragons, dots and craks, offering strategies and encouragement to improve your game.

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