Writers’ Workshop

The Writers’ Workshop is a forum for creating, discussing and editing your own work in an encouraging environment. Attendees consist of poets, travel writers, humorists, biographers and memoir writers.

Some writers are published, some are not; all are welcome.

The group meets from 12noon to 2pm every other Friday at the DCA, from September to May, with a year-end public reading in June.

Meetings are held under the guidance of Faye Gage, former English Department Head at Darien High School, inspirational director of “The Connecticut Writing Project,” and advisor on curriculum content of the “Scribbling Women Multi-Media Education Kit” and web site.

Join the Writers’ Workshop!

For information on how to join the Writers’ Workshop, please contact Joan Davis at jvdtennis@sbcglobal.net or by phone to 203-655-7202.

Published works by our authors:

“Roaming Six Continents” in the Darien News
– Joan Davis

“The Beast in the Bed,” “What’s Happened to Harry?,” “Who Needs a Bear?,” “Mrs. Tooey and the Terrible Toxic Tar,” “A Mom by Magic.”
–  Barbara Dillon

Writers' Workshop authors - left to right Joan Davis, Janine Sofer, Merion Froelich, Sharon Workman, Jean Sweeny, Ardeon Broecking. Missing are Faye Gage and Barbara Dillon

Various Writers’ Workshop members gather for a discussion.