Secret Garden

A hidden gem

Enter the DCA Meadowlands secret garden through an archway

The secret garden is a special retreat for a small gathering, or wedding party photos. Enter through an archway and sit on the white iron bench to enjoy lush plantings and sounds from the fountain.

DCA Meadowlands secret garden fountain

This beautiful space is easily accessible from outside, although we find most attendees don’t even know it’s there…

Dimensions: 27′ x 25′
Secret Garden diagram – click to open as pdf
First floor plan including the Secret Garden – click to open as pdf

Contact us

For further information or a tour of the estate, please contact Laura Boulton, our Catered Events Coordinator, at or 203-655-9050 extension 12.

View the DCA Meadowlands Catered Events Brochure through this link.

View the DCA Meadowlands Rental Contract for Catered Events including rental fees through this link (pdf document).