Women’s Luncheons

DCA Women’s Luncheons are monthly social gatherings, for both women and men, offering various types of presenters, from authors, to those with poignant human interest stories, to specialists on travel, theater, gardening, entertaining and home décor. Luncheons are held monthly from October to June, and are catered by
Michael Joseph’s Catering.

Upcoming Women’s Luncheons for the 2017-2018 season

“Hollywood: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” featuring Susan Granger, movie critic and author of 150 Timeless Movies

For the past century, Hollywood has shaped our dreams and aspirations, and given us our heroes. Entertainment is America’s biggest export. Yet the kind of disruption that hit music, publishing and other industries is already reshaping the entertainment business, heralding the Golden Age of Distribution. Susan Granger, whose reviews and commentaries are published worldwide, will discuss what’s in store, and her book. Men are welcome, too! Luncheon will be provided by Michael Joseph’s Catering.

Tuesday, October 3
12:15pm – 2:00pm
DCA members $20 / public $25
Prepayment required by noon on Monday, October 2nd.
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Receive notice of upcoming Women’s Luncheons by subscribing to DCA emails through this link

Women’s Luncheons Calendar 2017-2018

October 3  
“Hollywood: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” featuring Susan Granger, movie critic and author of 150 Timeless Movies

November 7 
“Exclusive Culinary Tours of Italy and Spain” featuring Cindy Palmer Dean

December 5
“Mark Twain in Connecticut” presented by the Director of Education of The Mark Twain House and Museum

January 9
Canyon Ranch nutritionist discussing “Nutrients for Sleep” and “Nutraceuticals for Better Brain Memory”

February 6 
“What’s For Dinner?” – local services and easy menus presented by a panel

March 6 
“Our Stone Walls: The Great, The Good and The Truly Awful” featuring Sylvia Reiss

April 3  
Fashion Show by “Everything Is Rosey” – resort wear, spring and summer styles

May 1  
Krista Fox on “The Power of Home”…what your home says about you and what you can do!

June 5
“Long Island Sound: How Much Do You Know?” featuring Dick Woods


Women’s Luncheons Committee

Coordinator Diane Schlinkert
Hospitality Susan Tattar
Program Chairs Susan Hamill

Deirdre McGovern

Sue Tattar

Sandy Russell

Gwynne Tibbetts

Holly Hurd

Tricia Conley

Sarah Seelye

Kim Bealle

Kristen Harnisch

Autumn Howard

Kathy Haire


Recent Women’s Luncheons

http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“Summer Styles” with Susan Singer of Closet Curator and Special Guests
Tuesday, May 30th






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“Something Wicked This Way Comes: Shakespeare on the Sound Brings Macbeth to Fairfield County”
Tuesday, May 2nd







http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“Going on the Road to Find Yourself” – Lessons from the Journey with Kim Bealle
Tuesday, April 4th





http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“Central Park: An American Masterpiece” Featuring Historian and Photographer Sara Cedar Miller
Tuesday, March 7th






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“A Story of Locally Made Chocolate” with Darien’s Chocolate Works Owner Meredith Scheine
Tuesday, February 7th





http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“Taking Great Photos with Your iPhone Camera” with Photographer Lisa Field
December 6, 2016





http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“The ICEHOTEL, an Arctic Adventure” with Mary Gibbons
November 1, 2016






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/“A Fashion Show for the Generations” with The Darien Sport Shop
October 4, 2016





http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/Travel Trends and Where to Go Next with Ann Calve and Pat Eisen
June 7, 2016







http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/Hydrangeas and Roses with
Eve Mauger
May 3, 2016






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/The History of Norwalk and Darien with Lisa Wilson Grant
April 5, 2016






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/Don’t Just Downsize, Modernize! with Carey Karlan
 1, 2016






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/Everything You Want to Know About Cheese with Ken Skovron
February 2, 2016






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/Strengthening the Community through Immigrants with Catalina Horak from Neighbors Link
January 5, 2016






http://dariendca.org/activities-programs/womens-group-luncheons/Holiday Entertaining
with Laura Boulton and Victoria Truchan
Tuesday, December 1, 2015







The DCA's November 3rd Women's Group luncheon will be "A Better Way to Move House" with Pinny Randall.

A Better Way to Move House
with Pinny Randall

November 3, 2015







BT McNicholl at our Women's LuncheonBroadway Behind the Scenes with BT McNicholl
Tuesday, October 6, 2015





The DCA Women's Group presents "How to Live to 100" with Dr. Edward Schuster on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015.How to Live to 100 with Dr. Edward Schuster
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015





http://dariendca.org/event-registration/?ee=1973Writers’ Workshop Readings
Tuesday, May 5th, 2015





The DCA Women's Group presents "Merritt Parkway Past & Present" on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015Merritt Parkway Past & Future
Tuesday, April 7th, 2015





The DCA Woman's Group presents "The History of Stew Leonards" on Tuesday, March 3rdThe History of Stew Leonard’s
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015



























“Going on the Road to Find Yourself” – Lessons from the Journey with Kim Bealle
Tuesday, April 4th
12:15pm – 2:00pm
DCA members $20 / public $25
Prepayment is required by noon on Monday, April 3rd.

Luncheon will be provided by Michael Joseph’s Catering.

Click for online registration