Bridge classes

The DCA is delighted to offer a wide variety of levels of play for the bridge enthusiast who enjoys both the challenge and social aspect of play.

Classes we offer (in order of difficulty): Bridge 1 (Beginner Bridge), Bridge 2, Bridge 3, Bridge 4, Bridge 5, Bridge 6, and Duplicate Bridge. Dates, descriptions and times of confirmed classes and games are listed below.

Upcoming Bridge Classes and Games

From September 2015, experienced and new players will find classes or games that suit all levels of play. Sessions include Duplicate Bridge with Director Bill Wood and several different levels of bridge classes with Meredith Dunne and Joan Bergen.

As classes and games are confirmed, full details will appear below.

Bridge-duplicate-bridge-in-action-verticalDuplicate Bridge
Resumes Monday, September 14th
$12 per game, drop-in play.
1 partner must be a DCA member

This challenging game is held in the Garden Wing every Monday afternoon from September until May. Directed by Bill Wood.

Bridge Classes 2, 3, 5 & 7 – Now starting in November

All of our bridge classes follow the same format. Each class begins with an oral lesson followed by play of the hand. Students should plan on bringing a three ring binder to the first class, as all classes are taught via handouts. No book is required.

Bridge 2
Five Tuesdays, November 10, 17 & December 1, 8, 15
DCA members $125, public $145

Building upon the concepts in Bridge 1, this class completes the presentation of basic bidding methods, covers basic concepts of Declarer Play and Defense, and concludes with classes on the Stayman Convention. Prerequisite – Bridge 1, or a basic understanding of the game. Instructed by Joan Bergen.

Bridge 3
Five Wednesdays, November 11, 18 & December 2, 9, 16
DCA members $125, public $145

This course focuses on more bidding concepts and polishing your basic bidding language– reviewing and enhancing bidding principles learned in Beginning Bridge. The class emphasizes the importance of efficiently showing both your hand strength and distribution, and introduces modern approaches to major suit raises, Jacoby Transfers, basic defense, and an introduction to competitive bidding. Prerequisite – Bridge 2. Instructed by Joan Bergen.

Bridge 5
Five Wednesdays, November 11, 18 & December 2, 9, 16
DCA members $125, public $145

These classes are for the more intermediate student and focus on an in-depth review of major and minor suit responses, Forcing No Trump, and introduce the concepts of New Minor Forcing and 2/1 game force bidding. Instructed by Meredith Dunne.

Bridge 7
Five Tuesdays, November 10, 17 & December 1, 8, 15
DCA members $125, public $145

These lessons are designed for people who already know how to play bridge but want to improve. The topics will include defense, more on slam bidding, smart declarer play and some new conventions. This course is not on a beginning level. Instructed by Meredith Bergen.

Recent Bridge Events

Augie Boehm leads a Bridge Master Class at the Darien Community Association in October, 2015Bridge Master Class with Augie Boehm
Friday, October 16th
9:30am – 12:00pm
Prepayment required by Wednesday, October 14th




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Our Bridge instructors

Joan Bridges teaches bridge to all levels of beginners at the DCA in Darien, CTJoan Bergen is a long-time Darien resident and Bridge Life Master who, after studying bridge intently for 8 years, is driven to teach others. Students will benefit from Joan’s enthusiasm and love for the game that she describes as both a great way to meet people, and a great activity to keep the mind sharp. She’s developing quite a following!


Meredith Dunne instructs Beginning Bridge classes at the DCA.Meredith Dunne is a long-time Darien resident who, after studying bridge intently for 8 years, is driven to teach others. Students will benefit from Meredith’s enthusiasm and patient, personable demeanor.
Bill Wood leads Duplicate Bridge sessions at the DCA beginning June, 2014.Bill Wood has been playing bridge since age 9, and participated in his first Duplicate Bridge game at age 12. After playing only occasionally around active duty in the Navy, a successful career in investment analysis and money management, and raising a family, in 2000 Bill selected Bridge as his vocation, not just his avocation. He is now a Gold Life Master and recipient of numerous awards for the game. Bill has been directing Duplicate Bridge at the DCA since June 2014.


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