Academic Lecture Series

Every January since 1956, the DCA Academic Lecture Series has brought topical, global issues in focus, offering attendees first-hand knowledge of the issues. Past topics include:

“Europe — Challenge and Change”
“Cuba Ahora”
“Russian Roulette”
“Islam, From Muhammad to the Millennium”
“Border Heat, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan”
“Rising China”
“After the Arab Spring… What Next?”
“Making the World Go Round… Global Economics”

The January 2018 series topic will be “Inside the Asian Cauldron”

Our series will offer an “insider’s view” of the regional and political challenges in east Asia from the perspectives of South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan and North Korea.  The distinguished speakers will address the heightened tension in and around the Korean peninsula, offering an in-depth look at  historical relations and current conflicts among these five unique populations that have challenged the stability in the region and around the globe.

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Thursday Mornings at 10:00am
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January 4 – South Korea and the Nuclear Crisis: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Presented by: Katharine Moon, Wellesley College

Dr. Moon is professor of Political Science and the Wasserman Chair of Asian Studies at Wellesley College and a nonresident senior fellow and SK-South Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies in the Center for East Asia Policy at the Brookings Institution. A magna cum laude graduate of Smith College and  PhD from Princeton University, Dr. Moon was born in San Francisco.

She is an expert of comparative social movements in East Asia, democracy, women’s movements, migrant workers, human rights, migration and identity politics with research focusing on U.S., Korea, and East Asia politics, Inter Korean relations, social changes in Korea, and the role of Korea and Americans in U.S. foreign policy. Her books include, Protesting America: Democracy and the U.S.-Korea Alliances, addresses the rise of Korean activism related to the alliance, the comparative politics of the U.S. basing overseas, and needed improvements in the management of this alliance; Influencing S Korea’s Democracy: China, N. Korea Defectors; Beyond Demonization: a New Strategy for Human Rights in N.Korea; Sex Among Allies: Military Prostitution in the U.S. and Korea Relations discusses the affect of foreign policy decisions on local communities and the lives of poor and marginalized women. Her latest book project, New Koreas and the Future of Korean Democracy addresses the impact of demographic change; North Korean defectors and multicultural immigration on South Korea democracy and foreign policy.

She is a member of the Harvard Kennedy School Kor”Bridgea Working Group, the Steering Committee of the National Committee on North Korea, and is affiliated faculty of the Korea Institute , Harvard University. She served on the Board of Trustees at Smith College and the Office of the Senior Coordinator for International Women’s Issues of the U.S. State Department.

January 11 – Taiwan: Hanging Tough in Tough Times
Presented by: Shelley Rigger, Davidson College

January 18 – The Rise of China and U.S. Security Interests in Asia
Presented by: Thomas Christensen, Princeton University

January 25 – Tokyo’s Troubles in Northeast Asia
Presented by: Sheila Smith, Council on Foreign Relations

Wednesday Evening: Lecture 8:00 PM, Reception 7:30 PM
January 31 – North Korea and the United States – An Uncertain Future
Presented by: Keith Luse, The National Committee on North Korea


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