A longstanding component of the DCA mission is providing college scholarships to Darien High School (DHS) graduates.  Celebrating our 75th year of granting scholarships, the DCA awarded a total of $51,000 in 2016.  Over the past 75 years, the DCA has awarded over $2 million in scholarship funding to more than 1300 DHS graduates.  The DCA is the largest provider of scholarships to DHS graduates – with funding for both new and returning college students – and the only scholarship program offering recipients the opportunity to reapply for all four years of college.

Scholarships are based on both merit and need, and funded by a wide range of DCA programs – from our Thrift Shop to Academic Lecture Series to house rentals – and with the support of donations including those of our scholarship sponsors listed below.

The Darien Times article “DCA Scholarships Assist with Rising Tuition Costs” provides additional detail on DCA scholarships, and the significant need in our community.  To hear what some of our recipients have to say about the impact of a DCA scholarship, please see our Testimonials page.

The scholarship program, including interviews and selection of recipients, is managed by the dedicated volunteers on our Scholarship Committee:  Kate Larson (Co-chairman), Susan Vogel (Co-chairman), Joan Barksdale, Kristen Harnisch, Ulla Kremer, Judi Linskey, Linda Terhune and Pat van den Broek.

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Congratulations to the 2016 DCA Scholarship Award Winners

Darien High School Class of 2016 DCA Scholarship Award winners pictured above, from left to right: Ken Yamaguchi, Tom Berisha, Tyler Grant, Carey Hocker, Emily Coyle, Robert Waters, Laine Blummer, Niamani Williams-Coles, and Alyssa Findlan. Not pictured:  Savannah Chaput, Jennifer Previte, and Alexa LoPiano.

On May 19th the DCA presented 16 college scholarship awards and four community service awards at two Darien High School (DHS) ceremonies.  The latter awards are new this year, and given to two juniors and two seniors who have made significant contributions to the community during their high school years.  The following DCA scholarships were awarded to members of the Class of 2016 for their college plans:

1. Anne C. Cary Scholarship – Robert Waters, University of Connecticut
2. Brendan Shay Scholarship – Tom Berisha, Southern Connecticut State University
3. Carolyn Jean Rich Memorial Scholarship – Niamani Williams-Coles, Amherst College
4. Cora Osherow Scholarship – Emily Coyle, Boston College
5. Darien Rowayton Bank Scholarship – Alyssa Findlan, Michigan State University
6. Joy Family Scholarship – Carey Hocker, University of Richmond
7. Kazia Klimczak Scholarship – Savannah Chaput, Colorado State University
8. Margaret Harrington Scholarship – Jennifer Previte, Coastal Carolina University
9. Maybell Family Scholarship – Ken Yamaguchi, University of California, Los Angeles
10. “Mr. Z.” (Darien Sport Shop) Scholarship – Savannah Chaput, Colorado State University
11. Nielsen’s Florist Scholarship – Robert Waters, University of Connecticut
12. Patricia Buchanan Scholarship – Tyler Grant, University of Connecticut
13. Ring’s End Scholarship – Emily Coyle, Boston College
14. Scott and Jane Pelley Scholarship – Carey Hocker, University of Richmond
15. US Chemicals Scholarship – Laine Blummer, University of Connecticut
16. William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty – Darien Scholarship – Alexa LoPiano, University of New Hampshire

The DCA is grateful for the support of these local businesses and families.

Four students received the new DCA Community Service Award:

1. Helena Cush – senior
2. Robert Waters – senior
3. Thomas Kreuch – junior
4. Olivia Lew – junior

These awards were made possible by an anonymous DCA donor.

Current College Students Receiving Continued Scholarship Funding

1. Anne C. Cary Scholarship
– Erica Hurtado, Southern CT State University
2. Anonymous Donor Scholarship
– Julia Hodenfield, Ursinus College
3. Anonymous Donor Scholarship
– Abiha Jafri, UConn
4. Critelli Family Scholarship
– Andres Morales, Sacred Heart University
5. The Heights at Darien Scholarship
– Andrew Boe, University of Vermont
– Dominique Guilford, Spelman College
6. Joyce Family Scholarship
– Tyler Stratton, Plymouth State University
7. Kremer/Massengill Family Scholarship
– Kelly Brustman, Virginia Tech
– James Fox, Boston College
8. Litt Family Scholarship
– Greg Marku, UConn
– Andres Morales, Sacred Heart University
– Liliana Saffa, Ithaca College
9. Margaret Harrington Scholarship
– Christina Chariott, Roanoke College
10. Nielsen’s Florist Scholarship
– Murtaza Jafri, UConn
11. Path to the Future Scholarship
– Rebecca DeMaio, UConn
– Murtaza Jafri, UConn
– Jocelyn Mendez, American University
– Lauren Sestito, UConn
12. PepsiCo Scholarship
– Laura Anglade, Concordia University
13. Ring’s End Scholarship
– Harrison Perley, Villanova University
14. Scott and Jane Pelley Scholarship
– Althea Perley, Miami University of Ohio
15. US Chemicals Scholarship
– Rachel Andriunas, Sacred Heart University


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2015 DCA Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 recipients of DCA scholarships!
We are delighted to announce the scholarship winners from the 2015 DHS graduating class.

15 graduates received “Path to the Future” awards:

1.  Christina Boccadoro, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2.  Laura Boccadoro, Quinnipiac University
3.  Jessica Campbell, Wellesley College
4.  Rebecca DeMaio, University of Connecticut
5.  James Fox, Boston College
6.  Jack Garfield, Fordham University
7.  Peter Grant, Southern Connecticut State University
8.  Abiha Jafri, University of Connecticut
9.  Kyla Johns, Quinnipiac University
10. Ashley Mailhot, Eastern Connecticut State University
11. Said Mammadov, University of Connecticut
12.  James (Alex) Mitchell, University of Scranton
13.  Alex Molwitz, Stevens Institute of Technology
14.  Viara Radoulova, University of Connecticut
15.  Andrew Trautmann, Elon University

Three students received named scholarship awards:

1.  Corey Frate, University of Connecticut, Brendan Shay Scholarship
2.  Dominique Guilford, Spelman College, The Heights at Darien Scholarship
3.  Christina Chariott, Roanoke College, Joy Family Scholarship

New graduates and 2015 DCA Scholarship Award winners pictured above, left to right, top row: Corey Frate, James “Alex” Mitchell, Jack Garfield, James Fox, Peter Grant. Left to right, bottom row: Dominique Guilford, Kyla Johns, Christina Chariott. Not pictured: Christina Boccadoro, Laura Boccadoro, Jessica Campbell, Rebecca DeMaio, Abiha Jafri, Said Mammadov, Ashley Mailhot, Alex Molwitz, Viara Radoulova, and Andrew Trautmann.

2015 Returning College Student Awards

22 students were awarded scholarships for continued college education:

1.  Laura Anglade, Concordia University
2.  Andrew Boe, University of Vermont (The Heights at Darien Scholarship)
3.  Lily Boe, Villanova University
4.  Kelly Brustman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
5.  Jessica DeMaio, University of Connecticut Storrs
6.  Tristan Ersek, Marshall University
7.  Alexandra Ford, Ohio State University
8.  Julia Rae Hodenfield, Ursinus College
9.  Renee Hodenfield, Rochester Institute of Technology
10.  Murtuza Jafri, University of Connecticut Storrs
11.  Soyoung Lee, University of Connecticut Storrs
12.  Anne Marie Manjuck, Western Connecticut State University
13.  Greg Marku, University of Connecticut Stamford
14.  Devon McCarthy, Boston University
15.  Jocelyn Mendez, American University
16.  Andres Morales-Guzman, Sacred Heart University
17.  Althea Perley, Miami University (Ohio)
18.  Harrison Perley, Villanova University
19.  Lili Saffa, Ithaca College
20.  Lauren Sestito, University of Connecticut Storrs
21.  Kate Shannon, Manhattanville College
22.  Tyler Stratton, Landmark College

Congratulations to all!