DCA Bird Sanctuary

Contributing to Bird and Wildlife Conservation

The DCA Bird Sanctuary provides four acres of shelter, food, water and nesting sites. The public can walk a well-laid meandering trail, learn from educational features and appreciate the bird-attracting beauty of native plantings.

Come and visit our DCA Bird Sanctuary






After more than two years of extensive work by volunteers – clearing invasives, establishing a walking trail, and planting native bushes and shrubs attractive to birds and butterflies – the DCA Bird Sanctuary was officially opened to the public on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014.

Come and visit our DCA Bird Sanctuary






Our Thanks

The bird sanctuary is a wonderful asset for the public to enjoy, and would not be possible without the support of a number of businesses and community organizations, particularly the Darien Foundation who provided funding for deer fencing, native plants, and other features.

Come and visit our DCA Bird Sanctuary





The DCA Bird Sanctuary is located at 274 Middlesex Road in Darien CT, with access through the gate behind the DCA.Enter the Bird Sanctuary

The DCA Bird Sanctuary is on the DCA Meadowlands property, at 274 Middlesex Road in Darien, CT. The entrance gate is located on the right of the back parking lot. Please enjoy the space passively by closing gates and staying on the trail. In the interest of wildlife, dogs are not allowed.

Hours: open during daylight hours except for scheduled weekend events
Groups: schedule group visits by calling the DCA at 203-655-9050



http://dariendca.org/about-us/dca-bird-sanctuary/Click here to read the Darien Times article, “Darien Community Association: More in store than you may realize,” and see highlights about the bird sanctuary.







Thank You!

The DCA Board of Directors presented a new bench for the DCA Bird Sanctuary with a brass plate that reads, “With Gratitude to ‘The Three Musketeers’ Sig Buchmayr, Chris Filmer and Cindy Ryan Who Brought This Sanctuary to Life.”

DCA Bird Sanctuary History

DCA members have always had an interest in nature. In the 1930s, volunteers planted hundreds of pink dogwoods on Old King’s Highway South in honor of Connecticut’s 300th birthday. In 1969 the DCA’s Community Activities Committee helped organize a Darien Audubon Society, made up of conservationists, bird and nature lovers. Over subsequent years, the DCA sponsored the construction of a pond observation platform at Cherry Lawn Park, added window boxes at the Darien Train Station, and helped to support the town’s acquisition of Weed Beach and Woodland Park for use by residents.

In the spring of 2012, the DCA Board of Directors decided to revitalize a four acre section of DCA property to create a bird sanctuary for use by the public. Initiated by Darien Land Trust President Chris Filmer, Darien Beautification Commission member Sig Buchmayr, and DCA board member Cindy Ryan, the work effort was supported by a number of volunteers, businesses and local organizations. An extensive planning period began in which conservation and birding experts were consulted, Audubon Connecticut was commissioned to perform a detailed habitat assessment and offer recommendations, and soil sample analyses were conducted. The hard work then began, as safety tree pruning was carried out, invasive plants were removed, trails were cut and laid, a deer fence was installed, and the first of many native shrubs were planted.

The DCA Bird Sanctuary was officially opened on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 9:30am.