Board and Staff

DCA Board

The DCA’s 2015-2016 Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of hard working, committed volunteers.

President Ulla Kremer
Executive Vice President Open
Secretary Sue Hayes
Finance Vice President/Treasurer Tom Taylor
Program Vice President Diane Schlinkert
Property Vice President Norman Kenyon
Investment Chair Dorothy Baker
Nominating Chair Sue Hayes
Membership Chair Susan Hamill
Directors at Large Sig Buchmayr, Joe Duwan, Chris Filmer, Kristen Harnisch, Judi Linskey, Sue Maguire, Cindy Ryan, Deb Suckow, Anita Walter, Lucia Zachowski

For more information on board membership, please contact Sue Hayes, Nominating Chair, through the DCA at or 203-655-9050.


DCA Office Staff

L-R: Laura Boulton, Stephen McGeachy, Marilyn DeMaio, Amy Bell, Fran Casolino.

DCA staff is here to help members and the public make the most of their experience at the DCA.  Please feel free to contact us directly.



Amy Bell, Executive Director 203-655-9050 ext 24
Marilyn DeMaio, Office Manager 203-655-9050 ext 10
Stephen McGeachy, Facilities Manager 203-655-9050 ext 23
Fran Casolino, Accounting 203-655-9050 ext 11
Laura Boulton, Catered Events Coordinator 203-655-9050 ext 12