About Us

The Darien Community Association provides a unique community home in a welcoming setting, with stimulating learning and outreach experiences for the enrichment of the community.

Enriching the Community

Since 1923 the DCA, a non-profit organization, has been a vital part of the Darien community. In the early days our work was varied: for example, we initiated several town beautification projects, translated books into Braille for blind students, inaugurated the first town fireworks display, and started the first story reading at the library. In addition, we established the DCA Thrift Shop to assist families during the Depression.

The DCA is a privately-funded organization. We fulfill our mission through the generous support of donors, as well as through membership dues, program fees, rental of our facility, and sales at our Thrift Shop on the Post Road.

Today, we enrich the community through our philanthropy (including scholarships for Darien High School graduates), and a wide variety of activities and programs, enjoyed by 1500 participants each month. These activities and programs are open to the public, although many become DCA members to benefit from reduced program rates. The DCA Meadowlands, our historic estate, is also a well-known venue for weddings and other events.

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